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Disaster recovery IT

As part of a solid business continuity plan, many forward thinking companies will invest in disaster recovery IT solutions. This will mean that your websites, files and servers can all be back up and running as soon as possible, whether you’ve experienced a hardware, software or operator error. Of course, we can provide IT disaster recovery services after a failure or error has taken place, rescuing your data and getting you back in business.

However, we all know prevention is better than a cure, while comprehensive contingency plans can save precious time and money. That’s why we recommend our clients take out an Ultimate managed IT services package, that includes a disaster recovery and business continuity plan as standard.

Flexsys will help clients set up technology solutions that can drastically simplify disaster recovery, to be used whenever needed. For example, with Flexstore installed in your system, virtual backup will take place at regular intervals throughout the day. If anything goes wrong, your server is rebooted and this virtual backup is used to restore your system in as little as ten minutes – even if you have several terabytes of data on your server. Meanwhile, hardware-independent backup means data can be kept in virtual form, in case any repairs need to made to your hardware before the system is restored.

Rapid Restore for Disaster Recovery

Another disaster recovery IT solution Flexsys offers its clients is Rapid Restore. This enables:

All this can be managed internally via a powerful administration console. Furthermore, all Flexsys clients can benefit from 24/7 remote IT management, or telephone advice. Anti-spam, anti-virus and data protection are also vital parts of preventing and minimising the impact of disasters.

Our aim in providing disaster recovery IT solutions is that our clients can minimise downtime, thus cutting costs and improving customer service. It’s quite simply one of the most effective ways of protecting your business from the worst case scenario.

24/7 global support Fast file recovery Automatic backup Rapid Restore
1.Reduced hardware costs 2.Reduced maintenance costs 3.Network simplicity 4.Increased business flexibility 5.Better cash flow 6.Automatic upgrades 7.Ease of deployment 8.Simplified technology disaster recovery 9.Future proof your technology 10.Fixed costs IT

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