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Business continuity IT services

Designing and implementing an effective business continuity plan is essential for any company, but is especially important for those that rely on an IT framework. From your software to your hardware to your broadband, a good business continuity plan will ensure everything is kept ticking over, even in the event of a disaster.

The Flexsys Ultimate managed IT package includes a business continuity plan for your IT systems. Frequent strategy reviews and site visits, combined with our extensive experience in the field, will help us to tailor your IT business continuity plan to suit your needs and infrastructure. We are also experts in disaster recovery IT solutions, so we can develop a plan for your worst-case scenario, and help execute it if a major error or failure occurs.

What does a business continuity plan entail?

Of course, business continuity is not just about disaster recovery; it’s about maximising your productivity and efficiency. But how does Flexsys propose to do this? In our Ultimate business IT support package, we provide:

Meanwhile, all three levels of IT managed services include remote support and 24 hour monitoring. Problems can therefore be spotted and dealt with before they cause any real damage.

Other Flexsys services such as the hosted exchange or hosted desktop could also be an invaluable part of your business continuity plan. These services are intended to improve security and data protection, and also maximise the productivity of each individual within your network or company. We also provide business application support for maintenance, repair and updating of the software solutions your workforce relies on. We believe your business can’t reach its optimum performance level unless each cog in the machine is working as quickly and efficiently as possible – which is exactly what a business continuity plan aims to guarantee.

Support remotely or on site Minimise downtime 24/7 global support Tailored to your needs
1.Reduced hardware costs 2.Reduced maintenance costs 3.Network simplicity 4.Increased business flexibility 5.Better cash flow 6.Automatic upgrades 7.Ease of deployment 8.Simplified technology disaster recovery 9.Future proof your technology 10.Fixed costs IT

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