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Cloud Wireless Networks

Cloud-managed wireless networks ensure lower IT costs and increased user productivity by enabling the configuration, management and monitoring of wireless access points from any web browser. Using a revolutionary hosted controller, Flexsys provides enterprise-class wireless management features including automatic optimisation, application-aware traffic shaping and intelligent self-healing to keep the network fast, reliable, and hassle free. Powerful analysis tools provide deep visibility into every corner of the network, while real-time monitoring and alerts keep a constant vigil over your whole network.

Setting up a wireless network

An increasing number of establishments, from sports and music venues to coffee shops and hotels, are setting up wifi access within their premises. This helps their customers feel more at home, but also means they can accomplish important tasks or access vital information on the go. As so many people are inseparable from their smartphone or laptop, establishments that do not provide easy wifi access could end up being left behind.

Fortunately, building a wireless network is simple with Flexsys. Whether you want to invest in stadium wifi, a network for a school or restaurant, or are looking to set up guest wireless for hotels or holiday parks, the effortless installation and low costs are appealing to any business. Because we use the cloud, we can provide managed wireless networks with remote support, and a hosted controller to cut costs. Best of all, the network can automatically adjust its bandwidth and optimise itself to provide the best quality and highest speed internet access to all your users.

Flexsys cloud wireless: simple and safe

Flexsys cloud wifi networks are self-healing and self-optimising, taking a lot of the hassle out of the process. The network manager can log in from anywhere in the world and configure, monitor and manage access points. However, these will also be monitored 24/7 with alerts sent to you if anything changes, while support from a Flexsys cloud expert is always on hand. Finally, security is one of the core values of Flexsys cloud wireless solutions, ensuring guests and customers are safe when they browse using your hotspot.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Deploy large, complex networks in hours – not days or weeks! Configure, manage, and monitor APs anywhere in the world, right from your browser. Each access point automatically connects to the Cloud Controller over the internet, downloads its configuration, and joins your network.

  • Rapid deployment, minimal IT resources
  • Centralised network security configuration
  • Manage 10,000 APs as easily as 10 APs
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Browser-based (PC / tablet / smartphone)
  • AP configuration updates automatically
  • Multi-channel, multi-radio mesh capability
  • Self-healing mesh / automatic routing
  • Rapidly extend network to hard-to-wire areas

Cost-Slashing Architecture

Deploy a managed wireless network for the price of unmanaged! The most costly component of a traditional managed wireless network is the controller. Using our hosted controllers eliminates this expense, along with costly hardware support and maintenance contracts.

  • Low deployment costs
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Centralised, multi-site management
  • Remote management (no travel costs)
  • High-availability controllers

Top of the Line 802.11n

Enterprise-class 802.11n wireless access points are constantly monitored from the cloud, automatically adapting to changing environmental conditions to provide optimum radio coverage at Ethernet speeds.

  • Latest 802.11n wireless
  • Enterprise-class chipsets
  • Automatic monitoring & optimisation
  • Hardware-accelerated encryption
  • Priority Voice QoS for VoIP environments

Full Enterprise Feature Set

Flexsys cloud-managed wireless networks provide high end security and a rich feature set that make them ideal for education, corporate, health and hospitality environments. Features include:

  • Application-aware traffic shaping
  • Guest access management
  • RADIUS integration
  • Intrusion detection
  • Policy-based firewall

Intelligent, automatic optimization Simple deployment and low ongoing costs Automatic self-optimization Deploys quickly Free cloud based tools for any network Application aware bandwidth control 802.11n managed over the web
Education Healthcare Corporate Industrial Hospitality Retail Government Event and Venue Residential

York Racecourse
"As a popular venue for conferences and exhibitions as well as for racing, it is important that our visitors have wireless access to the internet. We have found that the Flexsys system is extremely reliable and importantly that the support that we get from Flexsys has always been excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone looking for reliable guest internet access in a hospitality environment such as ours."

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