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Application Management / Application Support

With rising application support costs and tightening IT budgets, there is a greater need than ever for companies to maximise the value from their legacy applications. Flexsys has been developing, supporting and managing complex enterprise applications for more than 20 years, allowing our customers to react rapidly to changing commercial, fiscal and regulatory requirements. With expertise in the areas of finance, manufacturing, logistics, travel and many more, Flexsys has the proven ability to deliver in these challenging times.

Legacy support for your applications

Every company uses them – bespoke and specialist software applications that help your business run smoothly. Whether it’s HR, financial, database or logistics software, you’d be lost without it. When the worst happens and you experience a problem with your business application, or you need to adapt it or migrate it to a new platform or system, many companies lack the resources to fix the problem internally.

Fortunately, Flexsys has a team of software developers and IT specialists dedicated to business application support. We can perform application migration, basic maintenance, develop new functions, find bugs, consolidate databases and spreadsheets – whether it’s an industry standard like Sage, Iris or Oracle, or a bespoke software solution your own developers dreamed up.

Big tasks can be completed on an ad hoc basis; our experienced project managers can visit you on site or work remotely to fix problems or migrate your business applications. As part of our legacy software support, your developers or IT managers can receive training in how to use and manage these applications going forward. Meanwhile, basic management, small changes and 24/7 customer support are available as and when they’re necessary with the Flexsys application support framework.

Furthermore, Flexsys can design, build and install brand new bespoke software solutions for your company. We’ve got experience in developing applications for all kinds of industries and purposes, and software is tested rigorously before being handed over to you. Of course, you can also access 24/7 technical support and training in managing the software if necessary.

Flexsys Support Methodology

Flexsys’s support methodology is tailored according to your needs and to the type of project. Whether your requirements are for end-of-life support for a legacy application or migration of a critical system to a new platform, our experienced Project Managers will adopt a pragmatic, business-centric approach, ensuring the project is completed on-time and within budget.

Challenges Faced

Need for Innovation

Many companies are finding that innovative projects – to leverage new technologies and improve productivity – are hampered due to the requirement for senior IT staff to maintain critical legacy applications. These employees are usually knowledge workers with an in-depth understanding of how the applications function with the business.

Flexsys’s Application Support expertise can be used to manage the day-to-day application support tasks, freeing up the company’s own experienced IT staff to concentrate on innovative projects that add value to the organization.

Difficulty with Staffing

Finding staff of the right calibre to support and develop business-critical applications is critical to a company’s success. As traditional resources diminish due to retirement, finding qualified staff is becoming a challenge for many organisations.

Flexsys’s Application Support service can help to fill that gap. Flexsys has a vast pool of qualified resources with many years of experience in legacy technologies and applications.

Need to be Agile

The business world is evolving more quickly than ever before, with global competition and increased regulation placing extra demands on IT resources. Application agility – being able to quickly adapt business systems to changing needs – is critical to the continued success of every organisation.

Flexsys’s pragmatic approach to the support and development of enterprise applications ensures the fastest time-to-implementation, allowing organisations to react quickly to the changing business landscape. With over 200 man-years experience in designing, developing and supporting flexible, robust applications, Flexsys is your ideal Application Support partner.

On-demand application support

Many companies imagine that outsourcing any part of their IT services means they’ll have less support than they would do from an in-house employee. However, Flexsys prides itself on providing 24/7 IT application support – which in fact is more than you’d get from an employee.

If a client ever has a problem or question relating to their crucial business applications, they can call the dedicated Flexsys helpline and speak to an experienced specialist. Depending on the nature and complexity of your query, you may be passed on to a second or third line of customer support. In many cases, we can help you fix the problem over the phone there and then, so downtime is minimised. This remote support is how we are able to offer such low costs; our monthly fees work out much cheaper than bringing in an ad hoc specialist, or even hiring a full-time employee, especially when you consider just how many experienced software specialists will be at your beck and call at all times.

Of course, when the situation calls for a hands-on approach, we’ll organise an on-site visit as soon as possible. We know business applications are a vital part of your day-to-day working life, so we understand how important it is to provide on-demand, immediate answers.

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